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Bill King has been writing about public policy issues, politics and economics for decades. This blog is a compilation of his previous posts, editorials and columns and a continuation of that tradition.

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  Brent Taylor was the mayor of North Ogden, Utah.  He was also a major in the Army National Guard.  He was killed last week in Afghanistan on his fourth tour of duty there.  He was 39 and left behind a wife and seven children.......

The more I study the Rebuild Houston program, the more apparent it becomes that the City’s administration of the program is a complete fraud.  The most recent discovery we have made is that the City has been using a legal loophole to shortchange the amount......

  In 2006, I chaired a regional task force that made recommendations on redrawing evacuation plans after the disastrous Hurricane Rita evacuation.  There was one storm scenario in the historical record that haunted our task force: a fast-moving hurricane that spun up in the Gulf......

Early voting on the City’s proposition A, which would reauthorize the failed Rebuild Houston program, begins tomorrow. Since no one at the City had the intestinal fortitude to debate Proposition A, I am left to make the closing argument directly to Houston voters. In 2010......