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Bill King has been writing about public policy issues, politics and economics for decades. This blog is a compilation of his previous posts, editorials and columns and a continuation of that tradition.

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I spoke to someone last night who had attended the City’s townhall meeting in Kingwood on the propositions on the ballot.  The person with whom I spoke left the meeting with the impression that the ballot provision represents a new and improved lockbox.  This is......

The federal government just finished up its fiscal year on September 30.  It was not pretty.  We added $1.27 trillion to the national debt.  That is nearly double the increase last year.  The debt grew about twice what GDP grew for the year. So far,......

I have had a number of people ask me if I could tell how much it will cost the City if Proposition B passes.   It is not an easy thing to sort out because the cost could vary significantly based on exactly how it would......

  There is so much misinformation being disseminated at the current round of “town hall” meetings it is hard to keep up with all of it.  If you have been subjected to this mendacious onslaught, let me set the record straight on a few issues.......