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Bill King has been writing about public policy issues, politics and economics for decades. This blog is a compilation of his previous posts, editorials and columns and a continuation of that tradition.

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Many of you have heard by now that Houstonians will be voting on a proposition on the November ballot to mandate a pay raise for Houston fire fighters.  The history of how we got to this point is long and contorted.  The issues regarding the......

I had dinner last week with some friends at a restaurant in the River Oaks area.  When I went to my car, I noticed the driver’s window was cracked in a couple of places.  It was dark, and I assumed that I picked up some......

I recently returned from nearly three weeks of touring the United Kingdom and Ireland. Some of you that followed my posts about the trip on Facebook seem to have the misconception that this was a pleasure trip. I can assure you that was not the......