Why are Galveston County Taxes 26% Higher than Surrounding Counties?

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As a Galveston County taxpayer, I have a simple question.  Why is Galveston County’s tax rate the 26% higher than the surrounding counties?

The following table is taken directly from the Texas State Comptroller’s website which shows the effective tax rate for every county in the State.  If you would like to look at the data for yourself, you can find it [here].

Here are the actual tax rates for each county the percentage that Galveston County is higher.

I just paid my Galveston County property taxes for 2017.  I nearly choked.  I could not believe how high they were.  So, I started doing some research and was shocked to find that Galveston County has the highest tax rate of any County in our region.

Property taxes are killing the average homeowner today.  Of course, the County is just part of the total tax bill, but it is inexcusable for it have a rate that is 26% higher than any other county in the region.

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