October 23, 2023

Early Voting Starts Today

Early Voting Starts Today

Early voting for the November 7 election starts today. It will continue through November 3. Polling places are open every day from 7AM to 7PM except for Sunday, October 29, when they will open at noon.

You can vote at any one of sixty-eight early vote locations spread throughout the county. You can use this interactive map to find a location near you and get directions. Be sure that the toggle switch is set to “Early Voting.”

Click on image for link to interactive may.

On election day, there will be 701 polling locations open.  You can use the same map to find the nearest one to you. Just remember to set the toggle switch to “Election Day.” If you vote on election day, it is important to remember that you can vote at any polling location. You do not have to vote in your home precinct.

Also, while it is a good idea to have your voter registration with you, it is not necessary. You can confirm your voter registration and change your address on this site. However, if you change your address this late, your new address will not show up until the next election.

Remember that you will need to show one of the photo IDs allowed by the State. Of course, your driver’s license is acceptable.

I always strongly encourage people to early vote. It is almost always more convenient than voting on election day and it is just too easy to get busy on election day and not get around to voting. Also, ignore any of the knuckleheads who tell you your vote will not be counted unless you vote on election day.

If the voting location you choose has a long line or, God forbid, has run out of paper again, leave and go to another location.  In 2022, I went to Trini Mendenhall Community Center to vote and there was a line out the door. I pulled up the voting location map on my phone and found another location a couple of miles away. When I got there, there was not a single person voting and the poll workers were twiddling their thumbs.  I literally walked in and out in less than five minutes. When I drove back by Trini Mendenhall Center, there was still a long line. So, be flexible about where you vote.

In recent City of Houston elections, the turnout has been 20-25%. In the City runoff in 2019, the turnout was 18%. Folks, with it this easy to vote, that is embarrassing. The reality is that the City probably has far more effect on your daily life than the federal or state governments. If you are not happy with crime in your neighborhood, the conditions of the streets, your water bill or your garbage not being picked up on time, then get the polls and have your voice counted. If you don’t, you have no business going on NextDoor or Twitter and complaining!

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