September 9, 2021

Less Than a Quarter of Texans View Incumbent Parties as “Very Favorable”

Less Than a Quarter of Texans View Incumbent Parties as “Very Favorable”

Support for the Democratic and Republican parties continues to collapse.  In a poll just released by the University of Texas’ Texas Politics Project, 14% of Texans viewed the Democratic Party as “very favorable” and in a real stunner, only 10% viewed the Republican Party as “very favorable.”

Even when you add in those that view one of the parties as “somewhat favorable”, both parties only get to 34%.

The same poll found that 52% of Texans think Texas is headed in the wrong direction with only 35% believing it is headed in the right direction.  Those are the highest/lowest numbers for the question since UT began asking it in 2009.

It is little wonder that more Texans are despairing at the direction of their state with the interminable debacle in Austin and the epidemic of incompetence and corruption in so many local governments.

Texans are increasingly left with the choice of a party whose core believes that the COVID vaccines are a government conspiracy to implant microchips and one that wants to abolish prisons.  It is time to stop giving any support to these two morally and intellectually bankrupt parties and for those of us in the rational center to reclaim our country, our state and our local governments and bring some common sense back to our civic life.  Let’s do this!


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